Enough Already – How to Generate Home Based Business Leads Who Give a Damn

“One thousand leads a month minimum!”I didn’t think like that sounded like too big of a deal. After all he (my sponsor) was generating up to 5,000 leads a month. “If he’s doin’ 5,000 I know I can get at least 1,000.”Those were my initial thoughts.I came out of the gate SWINGING! Articles, videos, press releases, Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo, etc, etc.Anything that could get me traffic was something I was going to use. After all, if I was going to build a HUGE Direct Sales team I had better learn how to generate home based business leads.After 2 weeks I didn’t understand why I didn’t have 100 leads.A month went by and I really thought I was missing something…was I doing something wrong?It probably took me another 2 months to really begin to put the pieces of the entire puzzle together.You’re Doing It All Wrong!We are a part of the most amazing transformation of how Home based Business is done.We were tired of the Home meetings and Hotel gatherings. We quickly jumped online and began to build our brands and escape the world of the 97% who failed.Gone were the days of the 3 foot rule. No more nagging friends and family. And finally, I could go visit my mechanic without him fearing I was going to sell him something!But then it happened…On my journey to master how to generate home based business leads, I began to notice a pattern.People were nagging me about Business Opportunities.My inbox had turned into pitch fest Mania!These people may be from a different state, but they are definitely in my 3 foot circle!The very same reasons we had all flocked online…had followed us online!This One Breakthrough Changed The Game For Me…It doesn’t matter what you do, it matters most how you do it.So how are you going to do it?We know there are MILLIONS of people involved with Social Media. But only a small percent does wellWe know there are MILLIONS of people using Video Marketing. But only a small percent does well.The same can be said for every other strategy when learning how to generate home based business leads.If so many people are attempting but only a small percent succeed, what do you do?The Internet was going to solve the huge failure rate in the Home Business industry…right?Wrong! Anytime you try to move away from your problems something funny ALWAYS happens…you take YOU with you.The tools are different but the game is the same.So, to get you started generating more home based business leads…Here Are A Couple Things You Can Do NOW!¬∑ Get Prepared: I can’t explain how important this is. It’s said that if you want it to rain, you must first dig your ditches. Start thinking of your preparation as digging ditches. How much rain do you really want?When I say get prepared, I’m not talking about getting ready to get ready. I mean prepare for the FLOOD of business that is coming your way!What do you expect from the Super Star in your company?If you don’t offer the same, you won’t be in the game..So GET PREPARED!Being prepared ALWAYS leaves you with content. Content you can provide to your market because you’ve actually DONE it.Take for instance you are building a Top Tier Direct Sales Team.Wouldn’t it be helpful for you to develop some sort of team training? Of course it is!So do it…and DO IT NOW!!! Don’t get caught up in the “If I build a big team, then I’ll develop training.”This is the “If…Then” mentality and it SUCKSJust think, in a couple of weeks you can turn that team training into content.Maybe you did a great training about Article Marketing, or Social Media Marketing. You could turn that into a video and give it away as your Opt-in…you could do anything!Now you are offering PRIVATE TEAM TRAINING to the market…Now that’s valuable!Just remember, if you build it, they will come¬∑ Give ‘Em The Farm: I’m serious…give ‘em the best you’ve got.And no, the best you’ve got is not a watered down version of last night’s Webinar.If you really like the topic from last night’s Webinar you need to go out and put it to work. Then, come back and give honest feedback.Show some results (good or bad).Now the market KNOWS you’re in the gameI know, it sounds so boring. But, by doing this you have just done more than the other 97%.When in doubt, just ask yourself if you would click. Seriously, through the thousands of Tweets…the thousands of Facebook Posts and everything else you are drowned by. Who and what do you decide to read and listen to?I guess the better question would be WHY do you read or listen to their stuff?The answer is because you know you are always going to learn something from someone who is getting results!So Here’s The Big Bang TheoryWhen you can combine what was listed above (Get Prepared & Give ‘em The Farm) you will accidentally become a success.No, this isn’t Luck.Your constant preparation for more business has left you in a state of always DOING.Since you are always DOING you are constantly getting a result (good or bad)The more you do the better your result…and on and on and on until you actually know what you’re DOING.Now, you combine this with constantly Giving ‘em The Farm and you suddenly become the cool Dude or Chic who always has cool stuff anyone can use to get results.So there you have it, the Truth about How To Generate Home Based Business Leads. It’s far less of WHAT you do. More importantly is HOW you do it.

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