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Site Promotion Tips – Should You Use Pay Per Click Advertising in Your Marketing Plan?

Plenty of marketers talk about pay per click advertising as if it is the be all and end all of Internet marketing techniques. Well, truth be told, it isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I do use PPC to a huge extent in my business, but I can live without it. Why? In this article, I’m going to show you why.

So in what situation should you not use pay per click advertising? Well, let’s say you want to target a keyword for your business. You find that you can easily rank among the top few websites in the organic search engine. What’s the sense then in paying for an ad spot in Google AdWords, which will result in less exposure anyway since most searchers look to the organic results? It makes no sense. You will pay no money to get in the top organic positions and you will get more traffic as well. It’s a win-win deal all around.

PPC though, can be a great way to test a niche. If you are making money by spending money on Adwords, then chances are you can probably find a way to get yourself into the organic rankings so you can reap the free traffic instead. However, if the organic landscape is too competitive, then PPC is a good way to break in and get your ad exposure.

Pay per click is also good for ‘scaling’. It will take months or even years to rank well for hundreds of keywords, but you can in a matter of hours get good ad positions using AdWords if you do it the right way. So PPC is a great way to scale up your advertising fast and with less hassle.

So the answer to the question in the title is: it depends. Use PPC as it fits in your marketing plan.

Why Your Home Based Business Failed and What You Can Do About It

Has your home business failed and you have no idea what to do about it? First, let’s make something clear; if you are running a home based business opportunity, you are a network marketer. The network marketing company you joined made you part of their network as an Affiliate member. Whether you became an affiliate member or started from scratch to build your own business, you are using network marketing strategies in your business.Have you been overwhelmed with advice from experts and gurus about the correct, proper or best way to build your business?Do you have a home based business and you find yourself chasing friends, family, strangers, and anyone else that will listen to your sales pitch, asking friends for referrals and buying leads? It seems you are working to make someone else rich; just like you did on your former nine to five job.Don’t feel alone. Almost all of us in this network marketing, home based business industry have been there and done that. They were all tactics that were without a doubt, ineffective. We were given useless or misinformation from our up line and probably from the network marketing company posing as legitimate, when they were actually a fraud. Those are the ones that give the business a bad name and bad reputation.After using tactics from the so-called experts month after month for what seemed like years, and you never realized any positive results, it will finally dawn on you that something is wrong here.But instead of finding out what went wrong, most individuals quit after they initially fail. They give up, throw in the towel and never try to find the reasons why they were unsuccessful with their home based business.What Can You Do About It?The key is to find solutions to the reasons something went wrong and take action once you have found the solutions. Once you take action, you will be on the road to building a profitable home based business and ultimately, financial freedom.Whatever you do, don’t quit, don’t give up. Do you remember watching your child take its first steps to walk? The baby fell down on its bottom then got up and tried again. You have to apply that same strategy to your business as well. Be tenacious about your business and you will succeed.

5 Step Formula – Make Money Being Online With Any Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity

There is a five step formula to make money being online with any legitimate home based business opportunity. It doesn’t matter what your business is, if you are using the internet as your primary marketing medium this formula applies. The degree to which you succeed with your internet marketing business and how much income you earn will have a lot to do with whether or not you are able to attract prospects in your niche market.Step One: Traffic generation. In many traditional businesses the phrase “location, location, location” is famous. The Internet is no different. Without traffic, sales are impossible. The internet is overflowing with eager buyers for any business. And every piece of content you place online is a like a piece of real estate. The best part is you can pick and choose where your real estate is. In other words, even of you are brand new to online marketing, you can place your content right in front of existing traffic. Strategies to make money being online include social media marketing and web 2.0 sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Interacting in forums that revolve around your target niche is another way to make money being online.Step Two: Conversion. Did you know that most work at home businesses fail miserably? Now that you have found a legitimate home based business opportunity, the question I have for you is are you going to treat it like a business? Businesses don’t succeed by chance, and when marketing online we can measure everything. Tracking our conversion rates is easy with free software like Google Analytics and it increases our ability to earn very high incomes substantially by turning marketing into a scientific process and eliminating the guessing game many home based business owners face. All conversion means is how many visitors take a specific action. It is a function, usually measured in percentages, of number of prospects taking a specific action divided by total traffic. Example: You have a web page where the main goal is to sell a low cost affiliate product to support you advertising efforts while identifying red hot prospects to build a relationship with long term. As a result of your activity on social media sites and Google AdWords campaigns your web page gets 100 visitors and 10 buy your low cost affiliate product. Your conversion rate for that page is 10%. From this place you can test a different page to increase conversions and because you are serious about making money being online, you tracked everything and you know exactly where the best traffic came from so you do more of that.Step Three: Content. The quality of your content plays a crucial role in how well you will be compensated for your time spent attempting to make money being online with a legitimate home based business opportunity. Content is articles, videos, blogposts, web pages, etc. People are tired of being sold to so I like to measure the quality of content by how useful it is toy target market. Foe example, when I am marketing my home based travel business product I try to generate content that not only engages my prospect but also enriches them, which establishes credibility for myself. When I am marketing my home based travel business opportunity I am sure to give away lucrative marketing secrets for free as this attracts potential partners to me before my competitors. Don’t be greedy or stingy with your prospects, education is the highest form of marketing, especially online.Step Four: Building a list. Most internet marketer and work at home entrepreneurs have figured this out by now, and it is also surprising how many are not doing it. Your first goal with all of your traffic should be to convert them into a subscriber to your list by submitting as little info as an email address in return for some kind of information. If they are buying from you their contact info has even more value. A simple tool called an autoresponder makes it easy to build relationships with and market to everybody on your list. Many that won’t buy from you at first will buy from you over and over if you continue to provide them with quality educational content via your autoresponder. Remember, these are people who expressed am interest on your niche so make you their go to expert.Step Five: Monetization. This is the simplest part of the formula. If you get really good at the other four steps of the formula, you will literally rake in cash every time you do nothing more than recommend or suggest a product or service to your list. As long as it is relevant and has a price attached to it, sales will occur. And if the value exceeds the expectations of your buyers, you will be able to sell to the same customers over and over again for years to come.So the formula is traffic + conversion + content + build a list + monetization. If you choose the right legitimate home based business opportunity and you get skilled at each part of this formula you will certainly be able to make money being online.